October 01, 2022 in Events Tahiti

Attend the 2nd edition

TIKI FEST, the 1st International Festival of Tahiti was held in November 2019.It welcomed local artists (3 live bands + 3 DJs) and world famous American producer, DIPLO. 4 000 attendees were present at the 1st edition which was a great success.
Then, Covid happened.
The TIKI FEST was created as a brand in its own right (separated from Studio 87), with its own FB page and its own Instagram page. Its website is in the works.
We have a long term goal with this festival, which is to place Polynesia in the middle of the cultural spectrum, to bring tourists to this festival and to make people talk about Polynesia around the world via this show. (So little would be said about Belgium without Tomorrowland … 🤷🏼♂️)
We continue to see the big picture this year with 3 international and 6 local artists.

The goal in 2023 will be to move to a 2 day format.

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Organizer : 

Place: Tahiti – Stade de Punaruu à Punaauia
Email address: [email protected]
Facebook : Tiki Fest Tahiti
Instagram : tikifest_tahiti