FROM DECEMBER 16TH TO DECEMBER 19TH 2019 in Events Marquesas Islands

Attend to the 12th edition.

The most remote archipelago in the world, has held a lasting, mythical appeal for sailors since Western navigators reached these islands in the late 16th century. The “Land of Men” – Henua Enana in the Marquesan language – was the epicenter of the cultural revival in The Islands of Tahiti. It is also home to a fiercely authentic arts festival which takes place every four years since 1986 and attracts artists and travellers from all over the Polynesian Triangle.

The 2019 edition will take place in December in Ua Pou, one of the smaller islands, located in the south of Nuku Hiva. Ua Pou symbolizes the entrance pillars to God’s house. Huge basaltic columns reaching the sky and holding the names of legendary warriors: Poutetaunui and Poumaka.

The art festival usually attracts large delegations from all six inhabited islands in the archipelago, and the event will showcase the vibrant songs and dances, including of course the famous haka, as well as the arts and crafts of the islands.

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Organizer :
“Matavaa O Te Henua Enana” Committee

Place : Marquise – Ua Pou
Phone number : (689)
Email address : [email protected]
Facebook : matavaaotehenuaenana