The Tuamotu Atolls

Looking for an exciting and as yet undiscovered place? Look no further than the Tuamotu atolls, Tahiti’s “Strand of Pearls.” These secluded islets are some of the most diverse islands in the world.

  • The Tuamotu archipelago is located northeast of Tahiti, and includes a vast array of stunning islands and atolls. In particular, the atolls of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau and Fakarava offer a host of exciting activities, including world-class scuba diving, horseback riding, and deep-sea fishing. The birthplace of black pearls, visitors can also experience the magic of the Tahitian cultured pearl farms, and perhaps return home with an elegant souvenir that will last more than a lifetime.
  • The resorts in the Tuamotu atolls are as different as the islands themselves. The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is located on a palm-fringed beach overlooking the lagoon, offering guests an extensive menu of excursions and activities guaranteed to create an unforgettable travel experience. Guests can choose from activities such as snorkeling, canoeing, sunset cruises, fishing and scuba diving, to name a few.
  • The White Sand Beach Resort Fakarava, on the atoll of Fakarava, offers 30 spacious bungalows set against a backdrop of fruit trees and tiare flower plantations. The abundant plant and animal life here underscores the fact that Fakarava is a classified UNESCO reserve.
  • Looking for a bit of adventure in paradise? Then don’t miss the newly renovated Hotel Kia Ora and the Kia Ora Sauvage, located on Rangiroa, the second largest atoll in the world. Hotel Kia Ora offers garden, beach and overwater bungalows, as well as exquisite Polynesian dining at the resort’s open-air restaurant, the perfect place to take in a breathtaking Tahitian sunset. Experienced divers shouldn’t miss the drift dive through the Tiputa Pass, a world-renowned dive site located just minutes from the hotel. The natural pass is teeming with sharks, tuna, barracuda, dolphins, turtles, and manta rays.
  • True adventurers will want to cruise across Rangiroa’s fantastic lagoon to the Kia Ora Sauvage, a collection of 5 bungalows situated on their own motu (small islet) in the warm lagoon. Meals at the Kia Ora Sauvage consist of seafood caught fresh each day. Guests can explore the lagoon and surrounding beaches by outrigger canoe. This unique property is truly an escape from civilization — a modern Robinson Crusoe adventure. Each night the sound of waves creates a perfect lullaby for visitors as they drift off to sleep truly feeling like the only people on earth.
  • From snorkeling and scuba diving to black pearl farms and rich Polynesian cuisine, the Tuamotu atolls, Tahiti’s Strand of Pearls, have something for everyone. Visit and discover why these places are considered as Tahiti’s Hidden Paradise.