French Polynesia – Government Measures to Prevent the Entry of Coronavirus

January 30, 2020 in Experience

 The Government of French Polynesia has announced today that there are no cases of the Coronavirus in French Polynesia. Although there are no direct flights from China to the destination, preventive measures have been adopted for immediate effect and information to travellers is being reassessed daily in the light of the international epidemiological situation.

The French Polynesia Health Services and the State services (Civil Protection Department) are regularly informed of the epidemiological evolution of this virus and of the management measures recommended by the WHO to limit the impact of a potential epidemic.

Moreover, the Government of French Polynesia, in conjunction with the French State services, are overseeing the implementation of such preventive measures in French Polynesia.

Emergency services, hospitals and health professionals are being informed of the situation and recommendations. They are appropriately equipped and with procedures to manage patients at risk of Coronavirus infection. The usual means for health emergencies are ready and can be mobilized quickly if necessary.

Precautionary measures to prevent the entry of coronavirus 2019-nCoV in French Polynesia

A series of measures to prevent the entry of the coronavirus into French Polynesia are being implemented by the Government of French Polynesia for the safety of our population, visitors and destination:

  1. The immediate implementation of a thermal scanner at the Tahiti Faa’a airport to monitor and screen all passenger flows entering our territory.
  2. The Tahiti-Faa’a airport and the port of Papeete authorities have been requested to provide travellers entering French Polynesia, who request it or who present an apparent physical weakness or flu-like symptoms, with individual means of protection.
  3. As of today (January 28th 2020), all travellers coming from Asia from Japan and New Zealand to French Polynesia will be required to present a health certificate dated less than 15 days prior to travelling certifying that they are free of signs of viral infection before boarding for French Polynesia. In the absence of a certificate, airlines are asked to refuse boarding to the passengers.  The Government has taken note of the Chinese State’s ban on all group travel outside its borders since 27th January 2020.
  4. Travellers of private jets coming from Asia will be required to undergo a medical check-up by the competent services of the country upon their arrival in French Polynesia.

According to the evolution of the international situation, the Government of French Polynesia may take additionnal measures in the upcoming days.


The Ministry of Health and Prevention reminds people who have been in China recently of the precautions to take in case of signs of respiratory infection (fever, cough and difficulty of breathing).
In this case:

  • It is strongly recommended that you avoid all travel to China, especially to the city of Wuhan.
  •  In order to avoid the spread of 2019-nCoV in French Polynesia, in case of fever or respiratory symptoms in the days following your return from a trip to China, it is imperative to consult a doctor promptly.
  • It is also recommended to:
    • Wear a surgical mask when in contact with other people.
    • Wash your hands regularly (hydro-alcoholic solution) and use disposable tissues.
    • Contact the Emergency Centre at 15 (freetoll), mentioning the symptoms and a recent stay in Wuhan, or more generally in China, in order to benefit from appropriate medical care.
    • In case of mandatory travel to China, it is strongly recommended to get vaccinated against the flu due to an ongoing epidemic in China.