Jean-Marc MOCELLIN, Tahiti Tourisme’s new CEO

April 10, 2020 in Experience

Appointed on January 13th, 2020 during Tahiti Tourisme’s Board meeting, Jean-Marc MOCELLIN is Tahiti Tourisme’s new CEO who officially took office on April 6th. Well known in French Polynesia and in the Polynesian tourism industry, Jean-Marc is not moving into “uncharted grounds” since he worked in Tahiti for 23 years under the Beachcomber group today known as InterContinental Resort Tahiti.

As Tahiti Tourisme’s “orchestra conductor”, his mission is to lead the group and, alongside the industry partners, establish a promotion strategy under French Polynesia’s strategy for tourism development.

Teleworking from New Caledonia

Due to the current situation, Jean-Marc has not been able to come back to the fenua to physically take office. Currently in Nouméa, where he had been working as New Caledonia Tourism’s CEO for 3 years, he will get to The Islands of Tahiti as soon as flight connections become available again. Jean Marc has, however, started to work remotely since Monday, April 6th and is in regular contact with the Tahiti Tourisme team.

A supportive and united team in the midst of the crisis

Earlier this week, Jean-Marc addressed a message to Tahiti Tourisme’s Board members to thank them and send his support. Indeed, this unprecedented crisis is seriously affecting the tourism sector, French Polynesia’s primary economic resource. For this reason, Tahiti Tourisme’s team has been working continuously to maintain the link with local and international partners and consumers alike, through digital campaigns showcasing positive communications and messages of support to the local economy. Jean-Marc addressed the Board members with reassurance that “Tahiti Tourisme’s entire team will be fully committed and we will fight for our tourism to recover as quickly as possible.” Sunnier Days Ahead!  #LoveTahiti

About Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti Tourisme is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for The Islands of Tahiti, overseeing all marketing and advertising actions, public relations, promotions, events and travel agent training programs globally. With a primary mission to bring visitors to The Islands of Tahiti, this Economic Interest Group is comprised of a Tahiti-based head office and 12 international offices promoting the destination across 19 international markets. Tahiti Tourisme also runs the visitors’ welcome and information desks and organizes local events to promote domestic tourism.

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