New Year in The Islands of Tahiti! 🌴🎆

January 23, 2020 in Experience
EXCERPT FROM JANUARY 2020 NEWSLETTER: The Islands of Tahiti are entering a new decade, ringing in 2020 across all 118 islands. Dreaming of visiting this year? Make it a resolution – there’s no need to wait. Our specialists are waiting to help you plan every detail of your trip to paradise, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe a bit of romance will spark a lovers’ getaway?

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Souvenirs from the Islands
We all want to bring back the perfect gift for friends or family. There are few classic Tahitian products that you’ll want to find while crisscrossing the islands.
1. Vanilla: Tahitian vanilla, either as a whole bean or in extract form, is a staple of French Polynesia and brings the flavors of the islands home with you.
2. Monoï Oil: A light coconut oil perfumed with the tiare flower may solidify in colder climates but returns to a smooth liquid with a bit of warmth.
3. Black Pearls: A wide range of prices and options make these locally produced ornaments must-haves for any budgets.
4. Scented Soaps: It may seem generic, but artisan soaps with hints of grapefruit, coconut or tiare make unique gifts that you won’t find outside of the islands.
5. Hinano Merchandise: This local beer label adorns shirts, tank tops, and all sorts
of products that you won’t find beyond The Islands of Tahiti.
Tahiti Homes: Alternative Housing
Looking to spend some time in a more comfortable, independent setting? Emily Biotteau-Colas, Director of Tahiti Homes, proposes rentals that offer an alternative to hotels and results. Spacious private houses with kitchens for cooking are solid choices for larger groups or families looking to travel to The Islands of Tahiti while maintaining a bit of a budget. The company works directly with local homeowners and has properties listed on Airbnb, Expedia, and other sites, but you can work with Emily and her team directly through the Tahiti Homes site.

It’s time to start planning your dream vacation to The Islands of Tahiti!
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