Safety Ambassador

The Islands of Tahiti
are committed to the safety of its visitors

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Islands of Tahiti have remained committed to the protection of its visitors and the local population, and to the needs of tourism stakeholders. Through the establishment of innovative entry and stay protocols, as well as in supporting its industry in the reinforcement of health measures, The Islands of Tahiti continues to provide a dynamic response to the ever-changing Covid 19 crisis.

A rigorous entry protocol to protect the local population and the visitors

1. Only travelers who have been vaccinated (or have a compelling reason to travel with the obligation to carry out a 10-day quarantine) are admitted;

2. All travelers must complete an online ETIS form such as a health ESTA, to allow local authorities to track and monitor visitors;

3. All travelers must take a Covid-19 test and obtain a negative result within 72 hours before boarding ;

4. A test is also carried out by travelers upon arrival;

A vaccination requirement applicable to the tourism sector

A law requiring vaccination was adopted in The Islands of Tahiti on August 23, 2021, targeting various economic sectors, and specifically requiring any person carrying out a tourist activity in physical contact with customers to be vaccinated.

The Safety Ambassador program

In addition to these measures in place to protect its population and its visitors, The Islands of Tahiti have also launched the Safety Ambassador program. Through this program, the Polynesian tourism industry is being asked to commit to several conditions, while continuing to respect health measures already in place.

The tourism professionals of The Islands of Tahiti who have joined this program, have pledged to:

(1)  Click here to read the Barrier Recommandations Guide of tourism professionals.
(2) For the specific case of airlines, please refer to the recommandations of IATA (International Air Transport Association)
(3) Applies to vessels offering overnight stays that combine sea transportation, accommodation and catering on board; where crew is accommodated on board and the passengers are not from the same groups.
Does not include “”nautical excursions”” of a few hours or a day (regardless of the type of boat)

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