March 9, 2019 in Experience

The first edition of the MANGAREVIEN festival was dedicated to “the awakening of life and events lived from the pagan era to the Christian era”. Organized in February 2017, it was a great success and a keen interest of the population of the island of Mangareva for oral traditions such as language, songs and dances, legends; for those relating to lifestyle such as plants, food, crafts and traditional games. A festival focused on three words: Past, Present, Future, enlightening and enriching personal knowledge for a better transmission through time. The archipelago of GAMBIER also has other riches that are mother-of-pearl, pearl as well as the remains of the religious and civil constructions left as inheritance by the ancestors and the catholic missionaries.

Theme retained: “The Meeting -Tutakiraga” Why this theme? “The Meeting – Te Tutakiraga”.

A strong and sacred word in Polynesian history because it allows to discover, to form and to weave bonds of fraternity between cousins ​​in spite of the remoteness and the difference of culture. It also makes it possible to exchange and share together the know-how and the know-how of each one through various events governed around the language.

It will make it possible to observe and compare the similarities between the different dialects because the Mangarevan dialect is close to that of the Tuamotu, Marquesas Islands, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Easter Islands. In addition, this Meeting -Tutakiraga- will confirm the statement that all Polynesians come from one and the same people.

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Organizer :
Gambier commune in partnership with the RIKITEA-GAMBIER Committee

Place : GAMBIER Archipelago – island of Mangareva
Phone number : (689)
Email address : [email protected]