The Senses of Mana

February 21, 2020 in Experience

Mana is the unseen, ever-present life force that connects us with our world. It lives in all things, animals, nature, the mountains, the ocean and the people – it is everything and everywhere. When you visit The Islands of Tahiti, you will experience the presence of Mana with all five senses.

The Sound of Mana

Listen closely and you will hear the power of Mana. It is in every gentle lap of the surf as it caresses the sand. You will hear it in the echoes of the mountain waterfall, in the whale’s song, in the bird’s call, and when wind makes the palm leaves dance. It is the Polynesian song, the drum, and the conch.

The Feel of Mana

Stop and embrace the many textures of Mana. Run your fingers over the rough, weathered marae of an ancient world. Let the light of the sun’s rays warm your skin. Dip your toes in the cool waters. And feel the power of Mana all around you.

The Look of Mana

Mana is manifested in the many things you will see in the islands. It is the tātau of tradition scrawled across a Polynesian’s skin. It paints the horizon made of climbing rock and falling water. It hides in the face of every Polynesian, young and old. And you will see it in the budding Tiare Tahiti flower, the abundant underwater life, and everywhere you go on each of our 118 islands.

The Taste of Mana

Mana is savored here in The Islands of Tahiti in culinary creations that blend Polynesian and French influences. Mana gives life its flavor, it injects energy into the family meal, and should be relished in every sip, each bite, the afternoon snack and the celebratory feast. Experiencing the taste of Mana is unmistakable and unforgettable.

The Scent of Mana

When you arrive to The Islands of Tahiti, take a deep, soulful breath in. Close your eyes and take in the clean, salty ocean air, the delicate aromas of Polynesian cooking, and the fresh, alluring fragrance of Tiare Tahiti and Frangipani flowers. This is the scent of Mana embracing you in a warm welcome to The Islands of Tahiti.

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